Academic Data Collection

We have assisted many lecturers, students and academic researchers to collect research data. We offer response rate guarantee's and student subsidies.

Research solutions for universities,
and post graduate students

Research Data Collection

Data collection is the most daunting task for academic surveys. Limited budget, taxing sample requirements. We provide solutions and services to help.

Response-rate Guarantee

We do provide response rate guarantees for various research projects. Sample requirement and segmentation is important.

Student Discounts

Our innovative online surveys lend itself to providing solutions for students. We advise on project designs that fit your budget.

Online Student and Academic Research Surveys

iFeedback is a favorite stop for students and lecturers to conduct their research. Our service is tailored towards academic research, significantly reducing the timelines required to complete the data capturing and data collection phases. 

Online research has reduced the costs involved and improved the accuracy and quality of data compared with manual capturing. Results are supplied in .csv or excel format – ready to be imported into all major statistics software for analysis. We also offer a service to convert this data into tables if required. 

Our database email sending option in South Africa has revolutionized the way respondents are reached, minimizing the turnaround time to complete a research project. Added features, like our Response Rate Guarantee, have become a popular offering at iFeedback, as most research projects require a specific response rate to make it statistically viable. Please enquire about our Response Rate Guarantee or read more about it here.

Our academic survey tools are extremely user-friendly, equipping you to take charge of the research process with confidence and competence. The data our system generates has been sanctioned by students, graduates, universities and business schools world-wide so you are assured of having quality data analysis capabilities at your fingertips.

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