Online Survey Design and Hosting

Banner design

Because your branding creates an impression about who you are, banner design is an important factor in influencing perceptions. A professionally branded survey will promote participation and feedback from your target audience. We offer branding in the form of a 250x500 online banner. For a nominal fee, we can assist with banner design. Alternatively, you can opt for a fully-branded webpage option, customized to your corporate image.


We can capture and develop your online survey for you, eliminating the need for you to manipulate complex software. With skills and aptitude, we offer useful and time-saving insight and guidance into ways in which to optimize the success of your surveys.

Conditional branching

Conditional branching is a feature that can save time and eliminate frustration for you and your respondents. This service ensures that only relevant questions are asked, dependent on the answers supplied by respondents. We assist in setting up this process, which significantly influences the relevance of data and the value of feedback provided by respondents.

Question type

Our software supports 9 different types of questions and we provide guidance and insight into which sets would best suit your unique needs. More information is available in our software spec section. 

Data Format

Our standard online survey design and hosting package includes a dashboard, which provides real time feedback of your results. It also includes a document with all relevant data collected, in excel or .csv format. 

Response rate management

Managing the responses for your survey is probably the most important aspect of your data collection phase. Utilizing our database takes the stress and hassle out of finding suitable respondents and managing the feedback process. Our services provide you with quality data and enable you to focus on data analysis rather than data collection.

Sample size

Managing your sample size is important to determine how representative your sample is of your population. We can assist in sample size suggestions by weighing up the research cost and response rate requirements. 

Response Rate

Managing your response rate is one of our core functions. Do you require a response rate guarantee (only in South Africa)? If so, we can provide you with highly-competitive and market-leading costing for this benefit.

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