Response Rates for Online Customer and Business Surveys

What are the response rates like for online Surveys?

Online surveys are quick, convenient, useful and cost effective. iFeedback has the skills and experience to ensure that an online survey campaign is carefully planned and properly implemented, maximising the response and promoting quality feedback and data. Response rates differ between customer surveys, customer satisfaction surveys post service, employee surveys and general research projects. Response rates can also be affected by follow-up phone calls and reminders sent to respondents. 

Response rates can vary between 5% and 30%.Research projects that utilize external database contacts are closer to 5%, sometimes less, while response rates for employees are closer to an average of 30%. The mean response rate for customer satisfaction surveys, where the supplier is known to the respondents, is around 10% but can increase if it is a post service survey (within 3 days). Keeping in mind that these are averages. The following factors can influence response rates:

Customer Surveys

  • Do the respondents know your business? (The quality of the database is important, along with correct contact details)
  • What type of business contacts are being targeted? (Corporates tend to have a lower response rate due to the volume of mass mail received)
  • What level of employee is being targeted at the customer?
  • Management involvement can influence responses - personalized invitations work best
  • Timing - Research show better response rates for post service survey ie. within 3 days of service provided
  •  Is there a prize or incentive offered to complete the survey – this helps to improve the response rate
  •  Is the survey anonymous and if so, is anonymity guaranteed as this can influence the response rate

Employee Surveys

  • How involved is management – are they supporting / motivating staff to complete the survey?
  • Are employees guaranteed of confidentiality / anonymity? 
  • Are follow ups and reminders part of the online survey campaign?
  • To what extent will completion of surveys be tracked and followed up?
Research Surveys
  • What type of database will be utilized? (external, internal, size, etc)
  • What is the respondent type? (management, general consumer. etc)
  • Is there a prize offering or incentive?
  • What anonymity is guaranteed?
  • How long is the survey – will its length put recipients off completing it properly?
iFeedback has highlighted the above considerations as our experience has taught us that certain factors can influence an online survey’s success. While many factors may be subjective, iFeedback is committed to assisting clients to create and launch online surveys that will be successful and provide valuable data. By tailoring a survey to best suit your unique requirements, iFeedback partners with clients to create optimal online survey campaigns. Please feel free to contact us for information and assistance. 

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