Important considerations when conducting online surveys

The growth of the Internet has helped to reduce costs associated with business research and information gathering. iFeedback keeps track of technology changes and online trends to ensure that clients have access to secure and reliable survey technology. Our services also assist clients to optimize their research efforts and ensure accuracy of information. When conducting a survey, we recommend the following:

1. Set you business objective - Understand what the business objective is and how online survey information will support this objective. For example, do you want to understand your customers’ needs in order to service them better? Do you require feedback from clients to guide new product development? Do you want to improve your business performance and bottom line by improving staff efficiency and productivity? We believe that a narrow objective is important to accurately define the research objective. 

2. Set you research objective - Your research objective should directly address your business objective. Narrowly define what the results of the research will be and whether this type of the research is ideal for your needs and objectives. 

3. Identify the research methodology - Will an online survey be the correct tool to meet your objective or do you require a different methodology? Do you require quantitative or qualitative responses and have you considered using a mix of methodologies?

4. Define your Action standard - Once the above is complete, it’s important to define what accuracy level you require. 

The importance of a well designed campaign is very important, even with online surveys. Other considerations include database source, response rate, data integrity, privacy, cost, questionnaire design and data analysis. iFeedback can advise and assist with all of these considerations. Contact us should you require further information.

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